Our Mission

To simply discover, create, and inspire - so that our clients can be empowered to do the same.

Our vision

Wood & Heart was founded on raw passion; a passion for exploration, innovation, and artistry in the design process. We built our company around our dreams as well as yours, as a result, we fall in love with the homes as much as you do. Social responsibility and positive change are a part of our foundation, and never an afterthought. Whether sourcing materials, hand-crafting goods, or delivering finished projects, we simply do what's right and enjoy doing it. 

Our Team


Colton Ronzio

Colton is our primary builder, design guru, and the face of what we stand for. He created the name Wood & Heart as an insistence that it would always be about the passion he puts into our homebuilding and the quality of materials we build with. 


Lars Traffie

With over 30+ years of construction experience and as the CEO of successful commercial construction company, Lars is our anchor. Having seen the building process change drastically over the years, Wood & Heart was founded, with his guidance, as an opportunity to return building to a simpler, more rewarding place (for us and for homeowners.) Whether it's building a hospital or a tree fort for his grandchildren, Lars has the talent and resources to see it through. 

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Zack Traffie

Zack is our head number-cruncher and long term vision guy. He graduated with a B.B.A. in finance, worked for a large investment company, and then joined us as an opportunity to be involved with "something that gives purpose and feeds passion, not just a means to a paycheck."